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The Scandalous History of Sex Books

Sex has long been a societal taboo, despite — or perhaps in spite of — sex being a fundamental facet of our nature. Our cultural attitudes have ebbed and flowed with shifting social norms, but sex remains a controversial subject that’s certain to arouse a reaction of some sort. Today, we live in an era of greater sexual tolerance, not simply in terms of acceptance on the spectrum of sexuality, but in our daily exposure. But, in our not-so distant past, discussion of sex was impolite — if not outright forbidden — and for the genuinely curious learning about the scandalous act was a difficult affair.
Arte Fuse

The Peanut Gallery: REACT [Art Review]

American politics elicit a range of emotions; outrage, indignation, humor, apathy, disappointment. The pervasive nature of our interconnected culture makes it all but impossible to avoid; one cannot escape but feel something. Those feelings in turn are what inspire “REACT,” an exhibition curated by The Peanut Gallery. The show displays a collection of artists, capturing sentiments of social commentary in a variety of mediums.
Arte Fuse

David & Schweitzer Contemporary Gallery: A Selection of Master Works - Arnold Mesches [Art Review]

Among the various celebrities publicly grieved in 2016, one name passed without much social media fanfare; Arnold Mesches died on November 5, at the age of 93. Now, however, several of his works have been given new life, detailing the variety of style which marked an illustrious career. A Selection of Master Works, curated by the David & Schweitzer Contemporary Gallery, exhibits the vivid socio-political conscious that defined Mesches’ art.
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